Smart equipment kit/to map customization

Professional stamping custom high precision, high difficulty
Precision hardware

  • Factory support

    For the factory intelligent equipment product line to provide accessories processing, to ensure the quality of accessories and production efficiency

  • Custom experience

    We can design and manufacture all kinds of plug-in terminals, housings, shrapnel, etc. , and in the SUS301-EH material shrapnel manufacturing has accumulated a wealth of experience.

  • High-quality raw materials

    The processing materials used are stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and some alloys. Using technology and superior mold materials, we can minimize mold parts, thus saving raw materials.

  • Quality pursuit

    With the mold design ability to achieve on-contact parts without knife marks, no burrs, product insertion contact will be more smooth, through continuous technical improvement, to ensure that the manufactured product contact plane no arc, no refracture, so that the product's lead will be more stable.