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The company is committed to training a wide range of knowledge, a multi-talented composite talent

Pay attention to the actual ability of employees to work, for each employee to provide equal opportunities for development, the ability to go, the average to let, the mediocre under. Full training is the company's basic strategy to meet the challenges of the future. Pay attention to the mining and cultivation of human resources within the enterprise, Developed a series of training system, really do "love talent, heavy talent."

Job requirements:
1、Mechanical automation, mechatronics and other related professional college degrees or above;
2、Master and flexible use of CAD, SolidWorks and other professional drawing software;
3、Be familiar with the calculation and selection of common material characteristics and standard components in the machinery industry, such as cylinders, servo motors, solenoid valves, linear rails, screws, linear modules, etc;
4、More than 6 years of automotive manufacturing, electronics, home appliances and other industries, mechanical automation, intelligent transformation and other related non-standard automation technology work experience;
5、Direct leadership or command (full-time design business management posts, non-administrative management posts) design team personnel not less than 5 people.

Job requirements:
1、Male, college education, machinery-related majors;
2、Fluent in AUTOCAD software, familiar with design software such as soildworks;
3、At least 5 years of non-standard design work experience, can independently complete a variety of fixtures, automatic machines, wire machines and other development design, grouping, commissioning and other priority.

Job requirements:
1、More than 2 years of non-standard automation equipment assembly experience;
2、Be able to understand parts drawings, assembly drawings and other mechanical drawings;
3、A solid fitter base, rich experience in mechanical assembly, familiar with non-standard automatic mechanized equipment assembly, commissioning, independent analysis of mechanical structure to solve assembly problems;
4、Have a good sense of teamwork, strong sense of responsibility, hard-working, progressive, willing to continue to learn to improve their overall quality.

Job requirements:
1、Male, 18-40 years old, high school education or above;
2、Can understand CAD drawings, will use auxiliary tools, independent parts processing;
3、Master at least 2 years or more 618 hand-rolling experience, apprentices are not limited.

Job requirements:
1、Men and women are not limited, 18-40 years old, secondary education or above;
2、Be able to understand drawings, skilled use of projectors, micrometers, calipers;
3、It is preferred to have the experience of mold and automatic parts inspection.

Job requirements:
1、Male, 18-40 years old, high school education or above;
2、Requires programming, able to skillfully operate The Swiss silk

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